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Gaudi’s Barcelona

This set of work is based on the Spanish Architect Antonio Gaudi, whose work has always fascinated me. 

I have been fortunate to visit Barcelona on several occasions and have been inspired by his use of colour and pattern, which has been portrayed in all aspects of his architectural designs.


One of the places I have visited is Güell Park, which is full of examples of mosaic decoration.  One such example is the Salamander Fountain, which is straddled across the park entrance steps.  Even the tops of the buildings consist of thousands of strategically placed tiles, which give an air of fantasy to the place.


Salamander Fountain - Güell Park
Salamander 4
Salamander 3
Salamander 2
Salamander 1


Another building I have studied for this group of work is The Sagrada Familia.  This consists of three facades – The Nativity, The Passion and The Glory facades.   Here you will see images of the Passion and the Nativity, which show a distinct contrast in style.



Passion Façade – Sagrada Familia


Façade of the Passion



Nativity Façade – Sagrada Familia

Nativity Façade


Nativity Façade II


Nativity Façade III


I have used a range of embroidery techniques to express what I have observed.   Although I have visited other buildings most of this work is taken from the two I have mentioned, however I hope to continue to develop my work further using the research I have collected.


Ceiling Rose – Güell Park

Ceiling Rose

Mosiac Tile III


  Rooftops - Güell Palace


Suspended Mosaic II


Güell Palace - Rooftop Sculture

Gaudi Wallhanging

Rooftop Decoration


  Snake Bench - Güell Park



Snakebench (Detail)

Mosaic Tile

Mosaic Tile II



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