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Peruvian Textiles


This series of work is based on my research of motifs and images seen in Peruvian Textiles over a 3000-year period.

I have selected some of these, which work well in modern day textile techniques.

Click on each thumbnail for a larger image with more detail

Stylised Cat
Peruvian Mews
Stylised Cats
Stylised Cat II

Pouncing Cats
Pouncing Cats II
Peruvian Motifs II
Mythical Figure

Peruvian Warriors
Peruvian Chief
Peruvian Warrior
Peruvian Warriors II


Seabird II
3 Seabirds


Peruvian Maze
Peruvian Maze II
Peruvian Symbols
The Travelling Warrior

Trophy Head
Trophy Head II
Trophy Head III
Trophy Heads

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